Our Story

Ray and I have separately and together felt compelled to dedicate our lives to the Lord in a dramatic way. Our Pastor & regional Director groomed us to be church planters. We thought it would be fitting to use our talents to work and have a place to have church and live there also. We searched for two years in the town we lived in. Many places we went forward with fell through. Many that would have gone through were not right.

Ray & I fasted and made the decision just to step forward and start a house church. So May 7, 2006 The Harbor Missionary Church officially started. That same week a place became available. It was not in our town where we already had networked. I personally dismissed it because of the location. Ray went and saw it because of the realtor’s repeated calls. I refused to see it. I told Ray only if it Wowed him then maybe I would look at it. Of course he said wow seven times, so after the banker called three times asking us to make an offer, I went to see it.

To back track a little, Ray has managed & cooked in restaurants on & off for about 30 years. The place was a supper club. Our thought was to run the restaurant for our daily bread, get our name out to the community and have a free place for the church to meet. In other words the place of business was to draw people eventually to the church. Like the restaurant was the front. We would not apostatize but be a light.

Now with that being told, this place had a few problems. 1. It was a Pyramid. Because it was the theme was Egyptian. Inside there were all the decorations that go along with that theme.  2. (I thought) “There just had to be evil spirits lurking”.   I really wanted there to be so there would be an excuse not to get it. When we toured it, not even a little imp! building

The basement level was slightly scary but only in a normal way. I so did not want this place to work out and yet the arrow seemed to point to it. There was still the religious aspect of the whole thing. When I prayed about that and the implications I was reminded of a passage in Isaiah. When I searched the book I found the passage that was nagging me. A little interjection here, my favorite number is 19. Isaiah 19 at the end of the chapter it says. “In that day there will be an alter to the Lord in the heart of Egypt”, and guess which verse it is in? 19, I realize that just because it is in Isaiah 19:19 That it seems coincidental but all the other things that followed clinched us.

We prayed and fasted again but did not pursue the purchase. Well it pursued us. The banker called us and said it was all set. The only thing left was to sell our house. Most houses here either sold in three months or a year. When the sellers found out that was the only thing holding up the deal, they bought our house and resold it. By that we took the equity and bought the supper club now called The Pyramid of the Nile.

We live up stairs. The ground floor is the restaurant and the lower level is the banquet area.

Our church “The Harbor Missionary Church” meets in a side room that basically has its own door. We have been here since August of 2006. The restaurant is not doing well but our little church is very strong.

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