Local Missions:

 Benevolent Fund:

  • Church members

  • Friends & Family members

  • Local people

  • Cleaned homes for cancer patients

Released Inmates:

  • Housing

  • Jobs

  • Counseling

  • Finances

  • Write letters to inmates

The local nursing home:

  • Singing Monthly to the residents 5 years

SEP Camp:

  • Sent two local kids who were not members to camp, one still attends

  • Baptism of two of our youth

  • Denise has been the camp nurse for 14 years

 Pave: (A women’s shelter in Beaver Dam)

  • Monthly donations

 Dodge County Food Pantry:

  • Monthly donations

Reesville Food Pantry

  • Monthly donations

Family Fest:

  • A community family day with music, speaking and games Three years in Juneau, WI

Praise in the park:

  • A music and speaking event for Five years in Watertown, WI

Concert in the Park:

  • For the youth of Beaver Dam

County Fair:

  • Booth ( to promote the church)

Brought in outside speakers:

  • Mike Atkins

  • Voice of the Martyrs representative

  • Usama Dakdok

International Missions:

Columbia: (5 mission trips)

  • Spanish Bibles

  • Funds for a roof on the Barranquilla

  • School supplies for the church classes

  • Four mission trips

  • Musical instruments

  • Money for building class rooms

  • Money for conferences and to bring some youth to the conference

  • Brought three other people

  • Monthly financial support

India: (for 10 years)

 Church Service in India
Church Service in India



  • A month long mission trip

  • Free health screenings for 1,600 local people

  • Provided funds for the purchase of a church building (7th. Church)

  • Monthly financial support

  • Keyboard

  • Sound System

Mexico: Crossing Borders

  • Three trips

  • Sent Adults, children and grand children

  • Sent 75 shoe boxes

El Salvador:

  • Spanish Bibles and laborers to rebuild a home

  • Financial support to send a missionary


  • A spokesman and Bible sticks for the troops

  • Sent 15 + boxes of school supplies, toys and clothing for the children.

Samaritans’ purse:

  • Sent 50 shoe boxes for Africa

Voice of the Martyrs:

  • Action packs for Pakistan

  • Voice of the Martyrs speaker

  • Community outreach event to make people aware of the persecuted church.

Faith Comes by Hearing:

  • Bible translation for an Indian tribe in Columbia.

  • Bible sticks for Prison Inmates

  • Bible sticks for Columbia

  • Bible sticks for a Spanish Church in Madison